Content Aware

This Project was created by taking screen-shots from the PornHub homepage, manipulating them in Photoshop using the ‘content aware’ tool. The performers are removed rendering the space the performers take up as reproductions of the space around them. The result of this experiment is a surreal series of images of domestic spaces abstracted in an unusual way.


The ‘content’ we become aware of is shifted from the actors’ bodies to the spaces occupied. These spaces are generally very banal, almost mirroring the private spaces in which these videos are consumed. Being a part of the first generation to have internet pornography readily available at a young age, I wanted to contemplates how this accessibility has shaped my views on sex and sexuality through a practice of subverting the pornographic.


I made it just before the UK’s pornography ‘ban’ came into effect - where by consumers of pornography would need to verify their ages, and websites such as Tumblr and Instagram now enforce strict non nudity rules.

© 2020 Sam Wood

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